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Projective Geometry

Znuz is Znees vol.4: figure demonstrating Fermat's Theorem

Tai Shu Fook Tsiu on the use of Ming and Projective Geometry

Projective Geometry Books

Maw Ni- Dragon Pearls -Jan. 17, 1955
Sun Zyu- Gentle Rain -Feb. 1, 1955
Yieh Mee- Wild Rice -Feb. 21, 1955
Yok Kyn- Jade Mirror -Mar. 22, 1955
Sang Lo- Hill Road -Apr. 16, 1955
Jun Koong- Spring Palace -May 14, 1955
Chek Sak- Water Chestnuts -June 11, 1955
Tek Men- Open Door -July 26, 1955
Zhi Gah- Gnaw Through -Aug. 30, 1955
Mar Siang- Horseback -Oct. 11, 1955
Mao Sha- Mud Hut -Nov. 15, 1955
Bo Dzing- North Well -Jan. 3, 1956
Sah Kuk- Millet Valley -Feb. 14, 1956
Toong Du- Copper Kettle -Mar. 20, 1956
Poh Hoh- Peppermint -June 15, 1956
Hwa Chi- Blooming Umbrella -Oct. 10, 1956
Fung Swi- Phenix Marrow -Apr. 18, 1957
Ten Mi- Lantern Riddles -May 3, 1957
Thao Lim- Peach Grove -July 18, 1957

Various Writings

C.F. Russellís seminal missal from the Chicago period of his Choronzon Club Premonstrance 1,8
Early Choronzon Club Probationerís Commission
Early Choronzon Club Neophyteís Commission
Early G.'.B.'.G.'. instruction Liber S
Early lecture from the Detroit period-Important Things to Know & Do
Occult Digest, May 1930-Viens
Occult Digest, July 1930-Mikrokosmogonia
Cosmic Dawn, July 1930-Black and White
Occult Digest, Aug. 1930-The Black Raven
Cosmic Dawn, Oct. 1930-Hell and Heaven
Occult Digest, Oct. 1930-The First Matter
Occult Digest, Nov. 1930-The Chymical Marriage
Occult Digest, Dec. 1930-The Mead of Odhraerir
Mystic World, May 1931-Silence -The Lightning Path
Occult Digest, Nov. 1931-The Universe Depends on You
Occult Digest, Nov. 1932-The Ritual of the Flaming Star
Occult Digest, Sept. 1933-The Oracle of the Sun
Preface to Provenance

C.F. Russellís works listed in Znus is Znees Bibliography

Znus is Znees
Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Press release for Znuz is Znees vol.4
Preface to Znuz is Znees vol.4
From the Introduction to Znuz is Znees vol.4

Ming/Chinese booklets

Book Chameleon 1

Introduction to 2nd edition of Book Chameleon

Appendix to 2nd edition of Book Chameleon

On playing Chess
G.'.B.'.G.'. excerpt, "Know Thyself"
G.'.B.'.G.'. excerpt on Karma
G.'.B.'.G.'. excerpt on Silence
G.'.B.'.G.'. various excerpts including Cubic Points on the Tree


The Cave of the Moon
Prolog -Intro to Auto

Art Gallery

A selection of practice works & paintings in the Gallery .

Tai Shu

On the Dream of Chuang Tze and the Butterfly
On Brushwork & the Rules of Art
On the Thirsty Horse
On the Hungry Deer
On Daruma
On the art of the Picture Window
On the beauty of the Spring Moon
On the Chinese goddess Kwan Yin
On the attitude of accepting Gifts
On the Buddhist sage Hwi Khaw
On the nature of the Mandala
On the Great Dragon
On the study of the Scholar
On the Great Tortoise
On the Mushroom
On the Happy Bat
On the mystical beings Fur Hsi and Nu Kua
On the Owl
On the slowly Climbing Snail
The G.'.B.'.G.'. Grace
The G.'.B.'.G.'. Lordís Prayer
The G.'.B.'.G.'. Oath of Truth
On the Middle Way and Hew Fox
On untangling the Knot
On the beauty of the Morning Glory
On cloudy days of Spring
On the cry of the Crane
On the Travelling Scholar and Donkey

Hexagram Block Sets

Logical configuration of the "Roman Hybrid" style Cube.
Elemental arrangements of the "Chinese" style Cube.

Barbara Cubed & Book Chameleon

Page 1, Introduction
Page 2, The Logical Frame
Page 3, Chameleon Cube
Page 3a, Table of FU-HSI from Book Chameleon
Page 4, Elemental and Zodiacal Attributions
Page 4a, Circular Key to Hexagrams & Elemental Attributions of Trigrams
Page 4b, Logical Square of the Hexagrams
Page 5, Vitalits and Crystals

Tropermic Calculus

Introduction: The Male Convex Tablock
Introduction: The Female Concave Tablock
Page 1, Postures: Tropermic Calculus Introduction
Page 2, Tropes: Major & Minor Widdershins
Page 3, Tropes: Major & Minor Deosil
Page 4, I,M,N,R: Punctual perms
Page 5, The Astral Toperm: Immediate, Mediate and Remote faces.
Page 6, The Astral Toperm: Sex and Principal.
Page 7, The Astral Toperm: Posture.
Page 8, The Astral Toperm: Probite and Rebite.
Page 9: Tropic Analysis.
Page 10:Tropic Algorithm.
Page 11: Tropic Reflection.
Page 12: Integral Closed Astralit.
Page 13: Rational Cradle postures.
Page 14: Rational Cradle variations.
Page 15: Posture Analysis.
Page 16: Paraperms.
Page 17: Parapermic Expansion.
Page 18: Posture Derivation.
Page 19: Posture Multiplication.

Barbara Cubed

Tropermic Calculus

Grammar of Changes

Combinational Arithmetic

Electro-Combinational Engineering


Thelema Coast to Coast #29, with segment about the CFR website and brief overview of Russellís work.

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