Introduction to 2nd edition of Book Chameleon
by C.F. Russell

This six-fold figure, called KI TZI, is one of 64 Hexagrams, no two alike, which comprise Text of YI KING, Classic of Changes, initiated system of Chinese Magick. It is esoteric & occult, i.e., hidden from Hoi Polloi, but only as differential Calculus may mystify Hottentots, not otherwise than most college graduates may puzzle over language of Hot Plates. Our Text was brought from sunken continent of Atlantis to a geographical point later ruled by Manchus before Akkadian era. Sealed in this book are secrets never published except by oral communication before end of last century when trend was to reveal to properly prepared what explains weightiest problems of mankind.

Methods of Initiation aim to control contact between cerebrum, main organ of personal consciousness & memory, the cerebellum & other brains in head, along spinal column & all way down to feet. (Don't forget feet!) Types of Divination, Astrology, Tarot, Geomancy, Numerology, etc. promote Initiatory growth by their catalytic action on nervous system. Spirits with whom you converse are connected with specific parts of your brain. (See Goetia.) Cerebrum operates only in sphere of memory & sensation, otherwise it is blind & stupid, cannot perceive supersensible data & is used chiefly to deal with Troglodytes. Initiates have secret script to keep nature of life in higher worlds from becoming common property. Under paraphernalia of robes, rituals & old tortoise-shell games lies what can be explained scientifically by following procedure.

A single line, ---------, whole called YANG, is male, manifestly but occultly female; a double or divided line, --- ---, called a YIN is outwardly female but secretly male, These grams, YAO, stand for the primary sexual elements in macrocosm, universe & microcosm, human being. In YI KING a Yang is often spoken of as a "nine", a Yin , a "six", former odd, latter even. Creation comes from their combination & permutation. Visible arrangement, however, is less important than invisible -what dwells between lines must never be lost sight of. Two at a time they generate four different HSIANG digrams, to illustrate TETRAGRAMMATON formula -

See comment under Hex #31. Next step combines Yangs with Yins three at a time, to get Eight Trigrams, KWA, tabulated with names & attributes in the Logical Order. Four & five-fold figures are studied in our TROPERMIC CALCULUS & GRAMMAR OF CHANGES (1944). The six-fold figure, LOOK YAO, is produced by joining Ye Kwa & interpreted by shape & inner configuration & relationships. Besides meaning of two obvious trigrams we get in each case two "nuclear" hexes, first made by counting (up) 2nd, 3rd, 4th grams to combine with 3rd, 4th & 5th. Thus in #43, first nuclear hex combines kwa from grams 5,6,1 with 6,1,2; in #43 this will repeat 3X6; but e.g. in #44, first nuclear hex is #43 & second is 8X8, =#64. In KI TZI, ruler of Hex is 2nd place "six", although weak it succeeds by corresponding to strong "nine" in 5th place. We begin with strong nine in 1st place but 2nd place six yields to it -& so on with the analysis & interpretation which goes on behind the scenes to get the oracles. Correct technic makes Magical the erection & evokes Spirit assigned to Hex.

Prepare two dice with their pips arranged as pictured.

Consecrate female die with your own feminine potency which proceeds from right hand of man or left hand of woman; for NARM ZHAI use masculine power by holding it always in left hand of man or right of woman. Be careful not to spoil these talismans by contact with wrong hand. Throw them simultaneously upon specially made SQUARE . There the hexes are put in Logical Order -from 1 to 64, figures or tzu wen -#1, Lingam of Lingam, in Magical East whole Square is oriented by this corner pointing usually toward immediate source of fresh water, TSAO. Files, TSUNG each have one & the same upper, Major KWA, respectively; ranks, WANG, same lower or SIAO KWA throughout. From top to bottom & left to right in each case margins or parameters read 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, or KHIEN SUN LI KAN TUI KHAN CHAN KHWAN - see Table of FU-HSI by GENESTHAI. p.0. wha shik tzu Alchemical symbols. #43 is in third wang of dai look tsung nai siao fong.

Cast the two dice, pairing them thrice, upon the logical Square to erect Look Yao. Gram is either Yin or Yang as sum of pips uppermost after throw is even or odd. Three throws set up male, or Minor; the three simultaneous YIN ZHAI throws erect Major, TA KWA. Suppose after first throw male shows 3 & female 4; next gives 2&5; finally 1&6; then tzu Hex is LI of KHAN, KHI TZI, always pertinent to circumstances & problems of the moment -it takes the scene & applies to each & every participant in ceremony. Kon p. 43 of Text for verses of the Thwan & Yao -here meaning is Perfected Work, Complete Success. Our friend WAW has composed an Essay on #43 -see Appendix. Since all things necessarily are restricted, we do not rest on our laurels but are aware of being close to frontier of new disorders -as Confucius says, "Superior Man, KIUNG TSZ, thinks of Evil that may come & guards against it beforehand." In #43 yangs &yins all correspond in nature with places they occupy, alternating light & dark, strong & weak, hard & soft. When YAO thus agree with place auspice is best, else vai hiung!

YI KING shows dual cosmic forces perpetuating themselves by unending chain of permutations & combinations. (See our book, COMBINATIONAL ARITHMEMTIC (1944) & MANUAL OF ELECTRO-COMBINATIONAL ENGINEERING (1945). Each Hex shows one unique modus operandi of sexual intercourse -union on man & woman, or intermingling of Heaven & Earth -name of this generative game is "CHANGE." #43 especially symbolizes orgasm expressing perfect harmony of mutual completion, graphically depicted by alternation of yang & yin properly placed & related. Such concord is clue to happy & healthy sex life itself reflected in all environment. CHHING LOI JU YUN. Man's experience in sex is compared to Fire which flares-up but can be extinguished by Water that takes long time to heat over Fire, but cools down slowly. This Hex is virtual image of difference both in pre- & post-orgasmic conduct of man & woman. In the scheme of Otz ChIIM, of holy Qabalah, it exhibits Averse Relation of Tiphareth (Sun) & Yesod (Moon); Sephiroth linked by path of Samekh (see Tarot), referred to Sagittary -see Table of Alphabet of LO, page 000.

No system of Divination merits attention if objective mind be allowed to interfere either in finding or reading the oracle. Furthermore, one must heed divine revelations - then Spirits will reciprocate your confidence & trust by disclosing symbols clearer & clearer in exact ratio to your fidelity & loyalty. Keep records of your Workings. You will find the given Hex is always right, the answers always true, appropriate & suitable to all individuals involved & situation & conditions in increasing proportion as habit is acquired of heeding counsel of the gods & conforming your conduct to offered advice, with firm correctness. Slipshod, careless procedure insults Spirits; operators shall be punished to fit the crime. Use of this Grammar from dishonest motives is likely to lead to serious trouble!

Organ of personality, cerebrum, mammalian brain, sees by reflected light (moon-light). Man is not instinctively intelligent, for little stream of experience flowing into his physical consciousness is not enough to guide him. From the center of Earth to utmost reaches of Space (&beyond) is the Kingdom of Man, the Fourth Hierarchy, (cf. expansion & contraction, Course of Light -NU & HADIT of old Egypt), hence to act intelligently, in accord with totality of all experience, all his bodies (seven) must be coordinated & information from all his senses (twelve). Old Alchemical charts display this beautifully. Cerebrum only shows vanishing point of cosmic understanding -lowest mind that can possibly act on universal scale. Insight, wit, rationality, co-ordination, creative thinking, perception of nature & identities of Things as they Are, of meaning of Life, i.e. Genius or Godhead belongs not to cerebrum but is function of cerebellum whose activity is mostly sub-conscious. Epoch is here to evolve the brains for truly practical thinking -about which pseudo-scientists know very little.

DIVINATION is excellent exercise to this end if done faithfully with right ritual or technic. No guesswork, superstition or psychic speculation is involved. Necromancers, Witches, Fortune-tellers, anyone who deals with Spirits, can make mistakes, but worst error is wrong concept or attitude, failure to understand & obey borderland laws, or possess a clear, level head, self-control, equilibrium & absolute moral integrity. Warnings are heard against spiritism, mediumship, black magic -but aside from obvious validity of caution, yet entities higher in scale of evolution than ourselves must not be imagined more stupid -that is scarcely possible! Malice & falsehood are inseparable -no understanding can receive TRUTH unless it belong to a WILL, receptacle of GOOD. Cosmos contains no really intelligent Evil Spirit. In fact, Evil is merely an event at wrong time &/or place! There is proper time & place for everything. E.g., one mighty Devil named LUCIFER did incarnate in ancient China; other great one called Satan or AHRIMAN is found incarnate during twentieth century -watch out for Him lest He lead you astray! Misunderstanding shall be cleared-up in due time -in meantime regard as absolutely impossible for anyone -human or not- to hate Humanity & at same time develop any adequate faculty of prevision or clairvoyance. Suspect those who gaze in crystals to prate of malevolent monsters -what they see is only themselves! Genuine awareness of nature & powers of their own beings would enable them to pass The Dweller on the Threshold (HUEN). If they remain slaves to Time & Space, Maya & illusions of their shadow personalities it is because in vestibule of Spiritual World, the "Sphere of Three Iron Necessities", there is no pass-key but LOVE! Synonymous with Initiation at some Grade, Genius is to think consciously & voluntarily with Cerebellum. First we must get habit of Faith which is not at all blind belief in unknown, for "Faith is of Truth & Truth is of Faith & Truth before it can become object of Faith must be in its own Light & be seen; otherwise the False may be believed".

FAITH is confidence in promptings, instincts & correlations apprehended by that brain whose processes are foreign & exterior to organ of personality. You need not believe paradoxes, antinomies or absurdities -philosophers, theologians & politicians to the contrary, notwithstanding! Current, established theories in Physics, Biology, Geology, Astronomy & even Mathematics are subject to continual revision, hence if accepted without moral or mental discernment no better than blind leaders of the blind. No class has monopoly of whimsical, puerile & superstitious ideas -such are only natural to Troglodytes, cave-dwellers, dazzled by that Light which can form no image in cerebrum. Divination, POOK, especially YI KING, is safe & sure road leading out of cave. "By eight & by eight shall I learn to count Thy favors, O Thou elevenfold God, Four hundred & Eighteen"! In life there is no higher purpose than to do Good; no guide to gain Divine Favor more reliable than Voice of your own Conscience, pontificating from its throne in cerebellum, by media of trustworthy Messengers -Mercury is Oracle of SOL -Who will resolve correctly your problems if you approach * Them humbly with authentic & authoritative Modus Operandi, Working by the "eight & ninety rules of Art". This Path, TAO, directly & quickly reaches source & center of TRUTH, Itself; of BEAUTY, Itself; of GOOD, Itself; & beyond to the Shrine of HOLINESS! May you find this Sanctity in the Heart of the LORD Who dwells in your own Heart!

* Matthew XXI, 9
John XIV, 13-14

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