The Table of FU-HSI
from "Book Chameleon"
by Fr. Genesthai

Meaning: Creative Power
Attributes: Lingam. Creative Impulse, Heaven, The Sky
Sphere: Daath
Force: Saturn, Zodiac & higher
Color: Black, brown, gray

KHIEN is Heaven; the Dragon's Our Friend, The Sage!
Originating, keen, strong to the end, presage!

Deathly still, Dragon, hide in the deep.
In the field, preside; Virtue's harvest reap!
Vigilant as gnomes, be active, even asleep.
In the depth yet, stage the upward leap.
Now fly the sky -crimson comets sweep!
Exceed not -weep not; the Golden Mean keep!

Meaning: Flexibility, Penetration
Attributes: Air. Wind, Wood, Mind
Sphere: Hod
Force: Mercury
Color: Orange

SUN warns the Wise -beware the whip!
"Thy will be done"; thou shalt not slip!

Three times I say it, this is my refrain.
Beneath the couch, waiting wizard, stay.
God's Spell & Scourge! take the hint today.
Reiterated, say again & again!
Thy heart is full -maintain the right of way.
Thy heart o'erflows -relax the axe and pray.

Meaning: Brightness, Elegance
Attributes: The Sun. Spirit-Self, Manas, Realization, Lightning
Sphere: Tiphareth
Force: Sol
Color: Yellow

LI's double brilliance brightens the bright;
Docile like a cow -yet firm and upright!

Thy feet are clean, step on the golden stair.
Firm in place, held by a yellow strap.
Sober Muse, play on my earthenware.
Shun sudden shocks -top-side up with care.
Righteousness pours fortune in thy lap!
Vigorous victor, let every quarter share!

Meaning: Solidifying, resting, act of arresting.
Attributes: Earth. Hills, Mountains
Sphere: Netzach
Force: Venus
Color: Green

KAN's twin peaks mark the stops & goes.
Watchful, notice nothing beyond thy nose.

Firm correctness keeps the toes at rest.
Righteous regulations thighs arrest.
Glowing heart pounds ribs -lull the loins.
Quiescent torso augurs auspice best.
Thy jaw is set -quiet, the noisest.
Acquire peaceful devotion's golden coins!

Meaning: Pleasure, complacent satisfaction. Easy movement
Attributes: Water, collected as in a marsh, lake or pond
Sphere: Chesed
Force: Jupiter
Color: Blue

TUI joins true hearts in Christian Love:
Joy below responds to Joy above!

Be strong in seat of strength, wholly in tune!
Procure ye fresh, Our Wine; pour & commune.
Pleasure's doubled, perfected -hand in hand.
Combine the Two in One -companion's boon.
Let him be "ever a Sun & she a Moon"!
O, Golden Quest! o, Holy Ampersand!

Meaning: Restriction, fixation, peril, difficulty
Attributes: The Moon. Darkness, Defiles, Caves, Rain, Clouds, Springs, Rivers
Sphere: Yesod
Force: Luna
Color: Violet

KHAN's overflowing heart & piercing mind.
Dare pit after pit, constant, firm & kind!

In the double defile, Our Friend enters the cave.
Environed with peril, make not yet the escape.
Whether He comes or goes He shall behave!
Wine-bottle & rice-basket -sage & suave.
The Moon's not yet quite full -retain thy shape.
No rest for the wicked -in thorny thicket, thrice-brave!

Meaning: Moving, Exciting Power
Attributes: Fire. The Will, Thunder
Sphere: Geburah
Force: Mars
Color: Red

CHAN encourages; thunders twain entwine.
Ladle tight handle, high hand thy wine!

Meet coming motion soberly with cheer.
Exalted humility sees thy bread return.
Excitement works Righteousness to earn.
Hard pressed between, be firm & preserve.
Moving safely, centered in thy concern.
Proper precautions polish the golden urn.

Meaning: Expansion to Infinity, Capaciousness, Submission
Attributes: Yoni, Cup or Chalice
Sphere: Malkuth
Force: The Earth
Color: Pink & flesh

KHWAN doubles the Cube -Big Yin brings
Initiatory Virtue to men & things!

Dancing on dew -later come big rains.
Brilliant results the Way of Earth obtains!
The Servant of the Lord excellence restrains.
The careful sack apples red contains.
Yellow shod the honored spot retains.
Dragons fight; azure and amber stains!


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