To continue the exercise on turns, set the tablock up again at Upright Y this time making a Minor Deosil (d) by rolling the tablock toward you by one position.

Upright I (No.2) will now be in view.

Continue by rolling the tablock to your right by one position. This is a Major Deosil (D) turn and will bring Upright A (No.3) into view.

Again, another Minor Deosil (d) and you once again reach Prone U (No.22).

Thus you see that the series wWw = dDd with respect to the ending face, although the intermediate faces encountered are different. From No. 22, return to Upright Y again simply by executing the same turns as brought you to Prone U, namely dDd.

The 6 faces of the Female Concave Tablock are made by a horizontal reflection or mirroring of the Male Convex Tablock as shown in this example.