In order to fix the position of any exact face the corners, or vitalits, are numbered as in our previous exercise for the Male Convex Tablock. The upper left corner is the (I)mmediate corner and is the first of our sequence. Next is the lower left or (M)ediate corner followed by upper right, the (N)eoteric and lower right or (R)emote corner. The Upright Y face can then be read by its numeric equivalent: 1-3-5-7 .

Regardless of posture, the Immediate, Mediate, Neoteric and Remote corners remain fixed. In this method the face is oriented for the viewer so that the proper sequence for reading the Exact Face is apparent. In the illustration below, Prone Y (No.4) is shown and can be identified by reading the vitalits in the same I-M-N-R order as 3 7 1 5 .

Another example is also given below using Supine O (No.17), which is: 4 8 3 7 .