The Upright Y (Q or Silver) face is our starting point for the next illustration. You will note the exact face number is 1; the turn symbol above it is 0. Exact face No.1 is also known as the Idemfactor. This is the beginning position of the Closed Integral Astralit which will be discussed in a future section.

The next examples outline the 4 basic turns, or tropes of the tablocks. Starting with our upright Y face and roll the tablock away from you by one position.

This is called a Minor Widdershins (w) turn and will bring the Averse O face (No.20) into view.

Continue by turning the tablock by one position to your left. This is called a Major Widdershins (W) turn and will bring the Averse E (No.21) into view.

Again, another Minor Widdershins (w) and you reach Prone U (No.22).

Notice the turn instructions above the exact face No. 22 reflect the turns (wWw) you have just made starting with the Idemfactor (No.1 Upright Y) face. From No. 22, return to Upright Y again simply by executing the same turns as brought you to Prone U, namely wWw.