C. F. Russell's TROPERMIC CALCULUS Condensed

The word, Trope, means "Turn" and Perm is an abbreviation of "Permutation." This section is a study of the Tropermic rules as constructed by C.F. Russell in his manual "Tropermic Calculus" published in April, 1944. It is recommended that you procure two cubic blocks of hardwood in order to construct physical models of these tablocks for your convenience. The graphics on these pages may be used as a guide to properly color and number your own set.

The four positions or postures that each face of the tablock can be positioned are indicated by a number in the upper section of that face. This number is one way of identifying what is called the Exact Face of the tablock. These postures are illustrated below by the quadrants at which the arrow can be pointing:
(A)verse and

Each of the 6 faces on both tablocks may have 4 possible postures. This can be broken down as follows:
There are 2 types of Flex (Convex and Concave),
3 Principles of 2 Sexes (Q & q [sigils Y & U],
J & j [sigils I & O] and
X & x [sigils A & E] )
and the 4 Postures; 2 x 3 x 2 x 4 which = 48 exact faces.
The posture arrows point toward the top of the tablock on the Quicksilver and Sulphur faces and toward the back of the tablock on the Salt faces.