Here are the affirmative (+) or masculine/yang faces of the Female (white) Concave tablock from Russell's "Tropermic Calculus." The Concave tablock itself represents the interior corners of the 8 nested cubes from the previous Cube we have been working with. The 3 elements Salt, Sulphur and Quicksilver are again represented here on their respective faces.

Q or Silver, (violet Y sigil) is at the bottom of the tablock.
J or Mercury (orange I sigil) occupies the back plane of the tablock.
X or Copper (green A sigil) takes the right side.

Below are the negative (-) or feminine/yin sides of the Female (white) Concave tablock.

q or Lead, (brown U sigil) is at the top of the tablock.
j or Tin (blue O sigil) occupies the front plane of the tablock.
x or Iron (red E sigil) takes the left side.

Notice that on the Female Concave tablock the corners are a horizontal reflection of the Male Convex tablock. This is due to the fact that its corners represent the hidden interior corners of the cube. It is as if the Male Convex tablock were turned inside out.