Here are the same affirmative/yang faces of the logical cube. This time with the zodiacal and elemental attributes of the digrams taken from C.F. Russell's "Barbara Cubed ". A digram is a trigram without the respective bar which indicates its principal element by the face of the cube it is located on. Which leaves two bars of the trigram with a dot in place of the principal. Remember, lowest bar of the trigram is Salt, middle is Quicksilver, upper is Sulphur. The Elements are assigned by starting with Fire at the masculine corner of the 3 principals. From this starting point, Air, Water and Earth are assigned in clockwise (deosil) fashion on each of the 3 masculine faces. The cube has twelve edges, or "crystals", each composed of two corners that are assigned to a zodiacal sign.

Viewed from the other side are the negative/yin faces of the cube. The Elements are attributed here by following the edges or "crystals" directly across from the opposite side. This is illustrated clearly in the example on the next page. From this vantage point we see the feminine Water corner of the cube.