Here again are the same affirmative/yang faces of the logical cube. The cube has twelve edges, or "crystals" composed of two corners that are each assigned a number. In this picture, by following crystal 5-6 of the cube from Salt + upwards to its opposite face (Salt -), we get Air of Salt. Likewise, by following crystal 1-5 we get Fire of Sulphur This method is employed for all elements and their opposing sides on the cube. Hint: Refer to the below picture to see how the + sides compliment the - sides. Remember, follow the *edges* or crystals of the cube to the opposite face to obtain the element.

Viewed from the other side are the negative/yin faces of the cube done in the same manner. Here we see the feminine Water corner at the top of the cube. By following crystal 6-8 we arrive at Water of Quicksilver. You can easily verify this by viewing corner 6 from the other side in the above picture.