Here are the same affirmative/yang faces of the logical cube. This time with the planetary and color attributes of the Trigrams taken from C.F. Russell's Yi King verse entitled "Book Chameleon". Hint: Use the "back" button on your browser to compare with the previous renderings.

From this side of the cube (+), we see the regions assigned to Saturn (black), Mercury (orange), Luna (violet), Sol (yellow), Jupiter (blue), Mars (red) and Venus (green). These planets and colors correspond directly with spheres on the Tree of Life with the exception of Saturn (black), which Russell attributes to the Supernal Triad of the spheres Kether, Chokmah and Binah with Daath (Gnosis) at the apex of the pyramid.

Viewed from the other side are the negative/yin faces of the cube done in the same manner. From this side of the cube (-) ,we also see the region attributed to Earth (pink) on the Chameleon cube.

A small animation of the Chameleon cube.