Here are the affirmative (+) or masculine/yang faces of the basic cube with C.F. Russell's logical frame superimposed upon it. The trigrams in the corners denote + or - of the 3 alchemical elements. In this figure as in the previous, S=Q or Salt+, s=q or Salt-. Also, M=J or Quicksilver+, m=j or Quicksilver- and P=X or Sulphur+, p=x or Sulphur- .

The bottom line of each trigram represents Salt (Q or q). The middle line represents Quicksilver (J or j) and the top is Sulphur (X or x). If the line of the trigram is unbroken, it represents the + aspect. If a broken line is present, it signifies a - quality. The upper case letters also indicate + polarity of the element. For example, S signifies "all S", while s is "all not s" when no prime ( ' ) is attached to the letter. The lower case letters are the - polarity.

Next are the negative (-) or feminine/yin faces of the cube done in the same manner. The prime ( ' ) mark after each letter indicates the phrase "some not all of" employed in Russell's logical frame analysis. e.g., s' M' p' is interpreted as: Some not all of not Salt (or Salt -) is some not all of Quicksilver (or Quicksilver +) and some not all of not Sulphur (or Sulphur -). In this way the basic permutations of all 3 elements are expressed logically.