Here are the affirmative (+) or masculine/yang faces of the cube. The 3 alchemical elements Salt, Sulphur and Quicksilver are represented on the faces in their positive and negative polarities on opposing faces.

In this simple geometrical figure, C.F. Russell has resolved these into the three terms of logical reasoning. These are: S & s (Salt + & -) for affirmative and negative minor term; M & m (Quicksilver + & -) for the middle term and P & p (Sulphur + & -) for the affirmative and negative major term.

Salt+, (Q) is at the bottom of the cube, while Salt- (q) is at the top. Quicksilver + and - (J and j) occupy the front and back planes of the cube, Sulphur + and - (X and x) take the left and right sides. Primary colors are used to designate the positive.

Next are the negative (-) or feminine/yin sides of the cube. Note the use of respective complementary colors.

Salt portrays an inclination in the soul which leads towards the hardening, materializing, crystallizing and precipitating of soul impulses. Sulphur is exhibited in the outward fiery radiating rush of enthusiasm toward some interesting facet of the soul's life, bright energy darting about, mobile, stretching out to touch many things. Quicksilver (or Mercurial) archetypes synthesize and balance the Salt and Sulphur tendencies, making the elemental constraints of Salt more mobile, and making the elusive nature of Sulphur more tangible. Most alchemists agree that these 3 elements may be viewed respectively as Body, Soul and Spirit or Corpus (Earth), Animus (Sun) and Spiritus (Moon). In this example, Salt may also be seen as Thought, Quicksilver as Feeling and Sulphur as Will.