Growth has its ups & downs, can be charted & is not monopolistic. Polarity of opposites is transcended & another duality appears. Those who agree with me & those who are disagreeable will choose up sides. Recall how Albert Einstein was at first anathema but has now become established in text-books & attacks on him find scarcely a sponsor. Consider the case of Nikola Tesla; for monetary & political reasons he was isolated & mostly discredited -at long last however the barrier to understanding him has been broken to upset the apple-cart of classical electro-dynamics, including some of Einstein's postulates, etc, with extremely important consequences. The woods are full of cranks & charlatans; failing to refute my theorems my opponents will resort to the argument ad hominem. They can find minor faults & misprints in these pages & the editing -OK, for me time is running out -can you do better? All I can say is, take it all for what it is worth; study each page earnestly, with pencil in hand, treating each as a Yoga exercise in concentration; what comes before is often illuminated by what comes after; in the Heuristic Game the deck of cards has a myriad permutations & combinations but all analogies limp & a sense of humor is not out of place! With many thanks for & to every thing, I am

Cecil F. Russell
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