The eight corners of the Cube are divided into two series called Widdershins and Deosil.  The Widdershins numbers are 1, 4, 6, and 7 while the Deosil numbers are 2, 3, 5 and 8.  These two divisions being defined by the direction of the vitalit about the Immediate number of the respective Immediate face.

The principals of the astral toperm are also ordered in two classes. When the sequence of the astral components is QJXQJXQ... it is called Probite, when the sequence is XJQXJQX... it is called Rebite. As shown in the table below, when the arrangement of Widdershins & Deosil numbers are used in combination with the Probite & Rebite sequence of the principals, the flex of the Exact Face can be determined.

As shown in the example below, if we look at the table, the Immediate number of the Exact Face is 3, a Deosil number.  In the Mediate direction of the astral toperm is (4) Male Sulphur, which is X.  In the Remote is (1) Male Salt or Q. This leaves the Immediate Face, which is Female Quicksilver, j. Thus the astral toperm is OAY=451. The sequence of the principals is j, X, Q which is Probite. By matching the Deosil number with Probite in the above table the Exact Face is shown to be of the Concave Tablock.

Another example is shown below using the Widdershins number 1 in the immediate corner. The order of the astral toperm is X, Q, J or Probite. Wid.- Probite in the table shows this Exact Face is on the Concave Tablock.