Prolog - Intro to Auto
by C.F. Russell

Cards on table - hands above the board,
Enlisting abbey-lubbers - monks in horde,
Charged by no Abbadon restored.

In demi-mondaine's digit's abandon habit,
Learning "A" from windmill like a rabbit.

Fairplay able-whackets with knotted rag,
Reasons veiled on purpose in a bag.

Enter heads- awful, abdominal gash, -
Dropping acid like an aero crash.

Exit absconding, absquatulating clown,
Revealed to public minus cap & gown.

Icon-broken, academic nudity
Cop ace of spades in brothel's crudity.

Kiddy hide-away of ace takes jack,
Raise the ante - swell authority's lack.

Up tight, ack over tock, hang in mid-air;
Spring from acorn, three-legged mare.

Sealed as a man - adad - ad lib - egad!
Eve me, Adam - believe me, I'm not mad.

Laconically now, precisely here to graph
Lucid gong for admiration's laugh.

Get over the obstacles, never evade
Escapade or karmick barricade.

Now, cockbilling, dangling free agility
Exaggerated, piled-up, agonising virility.

Stride, roughly, against unwilling grain -
Tag, after you with the push, ironic brain!

Hang-slang about & sling hot milk in doggerel,
Aesthetic sensation & versed, vermilion spell.

I've lived in many times & climes - these words,
With feathers adorned, are strictly for the birds.

Afloat my molars, without geography,
Wet-talk a wapping autobiography!