G.'.B.'.G.'. CHUNG VOO ZANG (1501)



"KNOW THYSELF". This saying, often attributed to SOLON (638-558 BC) (see Juvenal 11,27) was engraved on the pronaos of Temple of Apollo at Delphi & is neglected by most people, who always blame others for the results of their own faults, being unable to see them due to the penetration into their astral & etheric bodies by forces of LUCIFER & AHRIMAN. We often deceive & persuade ourselves motivation is not by temper, desire, passion, vanity, etc., when such may be the case, thus cloaking in unselfishness what is actually governed by egotistical motives; inventing & rationalising a theory of conduct devoid of truth. Even the mathematician cannot produce a set of random numbers which does not repeat itself after a few million terms. You should therefore use extreme caution so as not to delude yourself that either pure chance or any malevolent powers cause the good or bad fortune in your concrete daily life -rather, seek for the roots of karma in higher spheres where also dwells power to control same. You may find you would not want it altered!

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