First published in The Cosmic Dawn, October 1930

Hell and Heaven
By C. F. Russell

THERE is nothing that would delight and surprise the average clergyman so much as to discover that the teachings of his ancient Bible were literally true. But he has long surrendered that belief, so that it would be perhaps impossible to find anywhere an educated person in or out of the clergy who believes in the story of Genesis. Yet the initiated person knows that when correctly translated the account of the beginning given in the Bible, although it is brief and does not go into detail, is nevertheless literally true. By this I do not mean that one must be an adept in the Holy Qabalah to interpret BRAShITh aright. All that is necessary is to know the Hebrew language and translate as one would any other historical document, finding out what its author means to say and not, as has been done, twisting the sense so as to make a book of theological and political propaganda.

Thus the story of the Fall as given in Genesis is as follows: "And the Whisperer (NoHHoSH, a suggester, sorcerer, serpent) was more intelligent (GHoRVooM) than any living thing (HHYaH, animal of life) of the field (surface of the earth) which Jehovah of Powers made. * * * And the Whisperer said to the woman: "No dying shall ye die; for Powers knows that in the day of your eating from it your eyes shall become seeing and ye shall become like Powers knowers of good (perfect things) and evil (imperfect things)." * * * And the eyes of both of them opened and they knew that they were all-knowers (GHaRVOOMeeIM, plural of GHoRVooM; they had become "serpents," "cyclops"). * * * And they heard the voice of Jehovah of Powers going about in the breeze of the day, and the Earth-Being and his woman hid themselves from the presence of Jehovah of Powers in the midst of the Tree of the Garden. And Jehovah of Powers called to the Earth-Being and said: 'Where thus?' and he said: 'Thy voice I have heard in the garden and I feared because I am an all-knower (GHIRouM or GHoRVouM, the words are pronounced alike) ; and so I hid myself.' And He said: 'Who told thee thou shouldst become an all-knower (GHoRVouM)? If, from the tree which I bade thee not to eat from it, hast thou eaten?' And the Earth-Being said: 'The woman thou hast given me, she gave me from the tree and I ate.' And Jehovah of Powers said to the woman: 'What is this thou hast done?' And the woman said: 'The Whisperer deceived me and I ate.' And Jehovah of Powers said to the Whisperer: 'Because thou hast done this, cursed thou art above all animals (BHeMoH) and above every living thing (HHYaH) of the field; on thy belly shalt thou go (belly-wards, impelled by hunger; he shall starve in Hell, where there is nothing but feces) and feces (GHoPHoR, dirt) shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.' And unto the Earth-Being he said * * * 'Cursed is the Earth for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat (from) her all the days of thy life. And thorns and thistles shall she cause to grow up for thee, and thou shalt eat the vegetation of the field (surface of the Earth). With the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread until (the time of) thy returning into (the center of) the Earth, for from her thou wast taken (as an infant) ; for (now) feces (GHoPHoR, dirt) thou art and into feces shalt thou (i.e. thy body) at last be changed (return) . ' * * * And Jehovah of Powers said: 'Behold the Earth-Being! He became like one of Us for knowing good and evil! Now lest he put forth his hand and take also from the Tree of Lives and shall have eaten (i.e. continue to eat) and live unto the World's age!" And Jehovah of Powers sent him away from the Garden of Eden to cultivate the Earth from which (as an infant) he was taken. And he drove out the Earth-Being and he caused the cherubim to dwell at the beginning (center) of the Garden of Eden, and the flame of the self-turning sword to watch the way of the Tree of Lives."

III Gen., 1, 4-5; 8-14; 18-19; 22-24.

There is knowledge and power of knowing forbidden to man, which is acquired by eating of a certain geoplasmic substance which grows on the Tree of Knowledge (Tree of All-Seeds). This Fruit is the pail of water that Jack and Jill sent up the Hill to fetch, which stimulates latent possibilities of structural growth. The reason why Jack broke his Crown (Kether) is because He fell down. Like Esau he traded his birthright for a mess of pottage at the instigation of the Devil. The Fall was not the result of his crime, but was the crime itself which caused the subsequent degradation and degeneration of the White Race. Had it not been for the flood which destroyed with intelligent and selective discrimination all the cities of the Titans, they would have succeeded in exterminating the White Race and Hell would now be on the Earth instead of inside of it. The Devil does not want the human race to attain apotheosis. But the vantage ground He gained when Adam made his great mistake was not sufficient to secure mankind's everlasting punishment, for the Wisdom of the Trinity is exercised for Good not Evil, and a way was provided whereby Man can attain Perfection, through the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Trinity in the descendant of the Man whose body was created for that purpose.

The Devil has free-will, but His will incarnates the spirit of Perversity. The moral character of the act which arouses the Kundalini inevitably rules over the structure of the offspring engendered by the act. Thus in arousing the vaso-motor intelligence, the sleepless intelligence, the "Evil-eye," the "All-seeing Eye," the "Unpaired eye," clairvoyance, which rules over the vital functions of the body, the race-parents had also communicated to it the moral character of the act which aroused it, and this character forever afterwards rules in the vaso-motor system, in the very cells of the bodies, of all their descendants. The real personality of man is the personality of the cerebrum, memory; consequently, the spirit of evil which found place in the vaso-motor system is perpetually suggesting to us a series of acts and motives consistent with its own nature, so that the "spontaneous" impulses of our natures are slightly at variance with our reason. But the act of Adam was not an act of malice, so that the inclination transmitted to us is not total depravity, but the inclination to venial sin.

In each one of us, in the cerebellum, the seat of reason, Jehovah of Powers, has placed a Holy Guardian Angel, who is stronger than the Demon placed by Satan in the Sympathetic system. Our safety lies in obeying the voice of the Angel and refusing to yield to the hypnotic suggestions of the Demon which would lead us slowly but surely to damnation.

Modernism does not help us in this respect. Hell is not simply a state of mind, but a real, definitely located place, namely the coecum of the Earth, the "Place of the Skull," Niflhel, where all those unfortunate enough to go there remain the helpless prey of the infernal monsters, "the worms who die not," hideous, starved animals, possessed of a deformed but majestic intelligence, spawned by the Devil with the aid of His Daughter, who seek to satisfy their famine by sucking out from the bodies of the damned, by a wound made in the heart, the whitish or yellowish pus which circulates in them as blood. The bodies of these infernal scorpions, hydras, are made of feces and not of flesh and blood (VI Ephesians, 12). Their only food is the feces which has passed through innumerable bodies, or "venom troughs," before it reaches those who are at the bottom of the Pit, where it falls as a fuming acid into the pool, the "Lake of fire and brimstone which forms over the roots of the Tree of Life which will in time compel the Earth to expel the infernal animals from Niflhel by way of the South Pole or anus of the Earth. They will appear on the surface of the Earth and, rushing from their point of exit, produce among living men a desolation equal to that which occurred at the time of the Deluge. Among these animals there are some possessed of enormous intellectual power who are responsible for the greater part of the so-called "occult" phenomena.

I hope this picture revealing somewhat of the nature of Hell will not prove too strong for the stomachs of my readers. It is one which really deserves a place in the spiritual exercises of Ignatius and should be preached from every pulpit.

In every true system of Initiation the Candidate is taught above all things to practice what are commonly called virtues. Therein lies the only salvation of Mankind as a whole. But the esoteric teaching is something vastly more effective, and when the short cut is divulged to the aspirant, he or she perceives exactly where the Devil secures his strongest hold whereby he retards the development and Apotheosis of the Race. This short cut is never revealed to anyone who cannot pass the preliminary Ordeals, for it is the Elixir of Life and Immortality and must be bestowed on those who are worthy in the deepest sense of that term. Unless a man or woman is willing to and actually does devote his or her life to the whole-souled service of Humanity, one cannot possibly escape becoming a Black Brother, a Parasite on the Universe, and a missionary of the Kingdom of Perversion, for in Hell everything is exactly in inverse relation to that which prevails in Heaven. Instead of Man being the highest of the creatures he is there the very lowest.

The first step for every man and every woman is to obtain the Knowledge and Conversation of ones own Holy Guardian Angel. From that point on one possesses an infallible Guide who will conduct one to the highest pinnacle of Initiation. This is the Great Work which will end only with the Apotheosis, the Perfection of the Ultimate Particles, those infinitesimal points of jet black which burn in every heart of man and in the core of every star.

The true Path which leads to the Crown was also known to the Hebrews and was mapped by the Hierophants and called OTz ChIIM, that beautiful and perfect system of Grades, which is identical with the degrees in the genuine Rosecrucian Fraternity. Yogis and Theosophical students are familiar with this Way which has been taught them by the Adepts who have learned it from the Akashic Records There it is symbolized by the evolution of the world and humanity through the different planetary periods. All religions aim at the same thing.

All true systems of Initiation bring about the same results. The Great Work is one, and the Initiation is one, and the Reward is one, however diverse are the symbols wherein the Unutterable is clothed. But if we would avoid the fate of Prometheus as expressed in the exoteric interpretation of the legend, we must take no step on this Path except with our hands grasping firmly those of our weaker brethren with the thought of helping them uppermost in our minds.