CIX-1 G.'.B.'.G.'. 18-TING I-15 - - - -

(The reproductive quality here is not good enough for direct copying, but I will give some suggestive extracts -) (II) concerning interpretation -Spirits who use these Oracles are very intelligent -letters words & phrases of a fixed text can convey messages of importance without changing the form at all; required sensitivity will be developed if you follow advice given faithfully...(V)... for universal application a standard of measurement must be cosmic (microcosmic) either in terms of the universe or of man -true units are natural parts of the whole. French revolutionists (1793) changed to the metric system, but the Higher powers prevented them from altering the Clock, which is a relic of the Chaldean period, (most of us were incarnated then), & measures space the Hex Time is involved -example of fallacies in abstract measurement are found in astronomy & geology about the nature of the sun & the age of the earth -it is not scientific to believe that things there & then act like those here & now...(IX)... when intervals between things become small enough (imperceptible) they coalesce into a group of next higher order if the parts be arranged symmetrically & not unnaturally related to the whole... in a text more important than the lines themselves is what lies between them... Art has laws which vary as the medium -Painting refers to one part of Man, Architecture to another, &c -if a Painter were to make a picture of a person with his right hand holding his right elbow it would be inartistic & ugly unless two inharmonious colors were juxtaposed -doubtless then crowds would break their arms trying to understand the picture...(XII) the Trigram the spaces between the grams show the three forms of nothing -if a line is indicated simply by a . consider the remaining digram, but remember one point signifies "no change" or "rest", whereas a / exhibits motion... now, "rest" is the product, not the generator of motion -so to speak the excrement of movement... the etheric or formative force of a male body is female & vice versa...(XIII)... no way to make a change other than to put off the old & put on the new to remember & to forget are opposite poles of the same operation -to banish one thought simply think of another -you cannot lift yourself by your own bootstraps...

(I, 15 p 66) -Cubic Points on the Tree-
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