First published in The Occult Digest, November 1930

By C. F. Russell

LAST month I announced and showed for the first time since the origin of philosophy, that thoughts, feelings, volitions and all that we term consciousness and mental activity is not truly distinct from the physical, chemical and electrical motion which occurs simultaneously and concomitantly in the brain and nervous system when and where it experiences sensations, emotions, ideas and impulses. Any phenomenon in consciousness, any event in the life of your ego, is movement and can be detected and demonstrated by the proper physical instruments just as surely as the expert can build a machine employing and combining the properties of capacity, inductance and resistance and tune it so as to reproduce the glorious aria of Wagner's "Evening Star" or Strauss' matchless "Blue Danube Waltz." This is the true doctrine of the connection between mind and matter; it is pure materialism; no one has ever ventured to create an hypothesis which goes deeper into matter to explain the existence of the soul and no one can; this is the only sound, logical basis from which to prove the soul's immortality and the existence of the wonders of the spiritual realm so well known to Initiates of all the schools.

The delusion which benumbs the faculties to prevent the perception of the true identity of things physical and psychic has its origin in the use of language of every day life to express spiritual conceptions. No one who has ever reached the Grade of Enlightenment with regard to spiritual truth, and who has also entered an Order as an Officer of Initiation, will ever try to describe the experiences of the soul on the path to the accomplishment of the GREAT WORK in words with which we are all familiar, which we hear and speak, read and write every day of our lives. Yet Initiates do speak. We have the works of such Illuminated men and women as Jacob Boehme, Madame Blavatsky, Swedenborg, Mabel Collins, William Blake, Mme. de Guyon, Goethe, St. Teresa, Nietzsche and Sir Richard Burton, to mention a very few. Reading any book which deals with spiritual experience or consciousness always bear in mind that no description whatever couched in any language extant can ever convey to the uninitiated the facts and events of the kingdom of spirit. Initiates can portray and indicate the exercises and conditions you must practice even to the letter, but neither they nor anyone else can tell you what goes on in the spheres which transcend the categories of the physical world. Only by decisively accepting and absorbing this truth can you ever equilibrate your vehicles sufficiently to get a clear glimpse of spiritual things.

Every word in every language comes from a root which refers to a sight, a feel, a sound, a taste, or a smell. Everything in all the physical or mental world can be discussed in these words, but when we come to discussion of the spiritual world in these words we are dealing with myths. But if we use the word "spirit" properly we shall not be reduced to the invention of falsehoods. The word, Spirit, comes from the Latin which means "to breathe." A spirit is really an ULTIMATE PARTICLE of MATTER. The word "Chemical" is connected with the Greek "chein," "to pour." The "Pourer" is Aquarius, the Holy Spirit, Zeus, Helios, the Life-Giver, the "Breather of the Powers," Ruach Elohim, the Third Person of the Trinity. The word "God" comes from "Guthan," the Pourer, who confers the power of growth (becoming perfect) upon the ancient spirits. All matter is spiritual substance, but only the soul of a plant or animal has power to make a living body, it is a "Breather" and can become perfect. But this soul is not a hyper-physical substance. It is an ultimate particle of matter which has existed since creation and has come up from the lowest and simplest mode of being. Corporeal creatures are higher and more perfect in their rank than inanimate objects. A living being contains a force intrinsic to its substance and has developed by growth a visible body in which the external shape and internal structure are harmonious expressions of the internal force which operates in its purposive consciousness. In the body of an animal or plant one ULTIMATE PARTICLE of substance operates to produce the form of symmetry by which it expresses itself and multiplies its powers by employing for a time a countless multitude of similar ULTIMATE PARTICLES of matter upon which it impresses its will and purpose. In every living body the individual caprice of the units of structure are subordinated to the purpose which animates the body. If that were not the case the body would not be alive. Good, or "God" dwells in all things which approach perfection. All created spirits are destined to attain to a state of equality with the Infinite Supreme Being, which is not "God," which is simply the word which stands for the Third Person of the Trinity. All living organisms arise from protoplasm, a substance in which a tremendous series of chemical reactions is constantly occurring —a continuous, identical cycle of reactions. The Periodic Law and radio-activity prove that a chemical element maintains its identical complex and composite character by the power of one living ion, the spiritual substance which dominates, hypnotizes or rules over the group or family which composes the atom. So with protoplasm, the power to maintain a continuous series of chemical reactions, and so to manifest irritability and voluntary molar movement resides in the soul or forma, the spiritus, anima, psyche, pneuma, the "Breather" on whom the Holy Spirit bestowed the power to be exactly what it wishes to be. The dignity finally attained, whether that of man or grasshopper, is the conclusion of a process which is the consequence of its ionic life; this is the doctrine of Karma. This process will end with the Apotheosis of each and every Ultimate Particle. But there is a war going on all the time against Apotheosis. The Devil is the author of it and not until he is killed by Perseus, Orion, Horus, Dionysos, Herakles, the World-Hero about two hundred twenty years from now, will all things be brought to perfection.

Every unicellular organism of the blood is an independent animate being, with consciousness and choice. The human body is a hierarchy of conscious bodies of which the highest is the cortical body, the result of the universal process which aims to give cosmic consciousness to all the Ultimate Particles. The only object for which man was created was that by the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Trinity, the feminine personality of God, in ADAM, the Earth being, the representative of Earth, the primary feminine creature, all the ancient spirits, the Ultimate Particles, might be released from the "vanity" of their corporeal forms, the transitory condition of the mode of existence resulting from the limitations of the respective species, and become equal to the Infinite. There are an infinite number of Ultimate Particles, each one in its essence is a god, individual, unique, a single point of starry brilliance, equal though diverse from every other, supreme and utterly indestructible, the bearer of a secret not shared by any other being, the focal point through which the future in space is continually becoming the past in time. In my next article I shall show how anyone should act, feel and think so as to discover exactly what all the Initiates and World-Leaders are really talking about.

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