from Znuz is Znees vol. 1

As to Chess, although I did adhere to the prescribed curriculum (in Provenance Continuation indeed you see many items acquired later, until I discovered the great secret of Chess which is simply this: for every move of your opponent, make the correct adjustment, defensive or offensive, as the case may be. In games now, I always take Black, which forces the other to cut bait and fish, or else stew in his own juice, depending on his Virtue) even then to beat Crowley, I did not need to study outmoded textbooks (full of misprints)! In practice, when about to lose he had the habit of tipping over the board, or else The Great Wild Beast would stand up suddenly without a word of apology, and stalk off to perform pressing business in another place - more often than not the pharmaceutical shelf. Kipling's masterful exposition in Stalky & Co of sportsmanship would not claim its most conspicuous champion here.

Pari passu recall his ruthlessness in playing the version of Fives called ``Thelema;'' the words used in scoring were easy to remember, as well as shocking - but there was no referee! Once upon a time, showing off the power of his memory and imagination, he played with me a game of chess blindfolded, pulling the covers up over his head while I sat at the desk in the corner telling the moves as we made them. My mistake was in not recording them! In the end game, respective positions did not match; he said it was my fault for stating some move wrongly - so the game was called off. By continuing it, he would have been mated in short order! Later on, while making-up the bed (one of my chores as a Chela), lo and behold, under his pillow (How could he be so stupid as to leave it there?) a miniature, portable chess set, peg-pieces and all! On Page 875 of the Confessions, he writes: ``unless one played to win, there was no point in playing at all,'' but my notion of winning did not justify cheating!

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