Book Chameleon 1

A limited number of copies of Book Chameleon first edition, [1940] Los Angeles: by C. F. Russell are now being offered as an introduction to and partial funding for the recently expanded Logical Square web site. This 70-page edition (measuring 6" x 4") is the self-published and esoteric adaptation with original rhyming verse from the Yi King (I Ching) by C. F. Russell, the originator and initiated teacher of the G.’.B.’.G.’.

Book Chameleon 1 is an abbreviated study of the 64 hexagrams in relation to Russell’s hexagrammick Cube system. A brief explication of the Cube itself and its connections with Qabalah and alchemical traditions are included in a running commentary by Russell, which traces the spiritual influences and origins of the Yi King from its inception in ancient China through its modern incarnation. This small volume is a valuable and original contribution to the Yi King as an initiatory vehicle.

A limited amount of uncirculated copies with only minor staple rust and storage wear are available as a special web site offering for US$ 25.00 + shipping. Money order or cashier’s check only, please. To place your order for this rare volume, contact the bookseller here .